Our Service Agreement

A Mann-In, Inc. "Heating and Air Conditioning Service Agreement" works for you for as little as $295.00 per year, and at Mann-In, Inc. we only offer one kind: Full Parts and Labor.

Consider the Advantages:
  • All labor and repair or replacement of parts* as needed to maintain your listed equipment in
        proper operating condition
  • Two system checks per year (Spring and Fall)
  • Emergency heating service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Priority service year round
  • Improved operating efficiency and greater reliabilty
  • Control over heating and cooling maintenance costs
  • Compressors and heat exchangers covered by manufacturers warranty will be replaced at no
        additional costs

    Keeping your system clean and well-serviced enables it to run at its maximum efficiency, saving money year round. The twice yearly preventive maintenance checkups in Spring and Fall can reveal potential problems or hazardous conditions and provide for timely repairs that can be taken care of, before you find yourself with no heat in the winter or without air conditioning in the summer.

    *(with the exception of the duct work, electrical wiring, and breakers. Compressor and Heat exchanger covered by the manufacturer's warranty will be replaced at no charge. If out of warranty, there will be a charge for these parts.)

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